Super Notch Man User's Guide


For Ver.3


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I.Running Curve 1.Generate 2.Running Curve Handling
3.PDF 4.Numerical Output
5.Notch Operation 6.Notch (Coupled Train)
7.Continuous Simulation 8.Multitasking
II.Headway 1.Generate 2.Headway Curve Handling
3.Manual Handling
III.Train Data (Graphical Input) 1.Whole Train a.Composition
b.Running Resistance
c.Tractive Effort
d.Regenerative Effort
e.Electric Consumption
f.Regenerative Output
g.Fuel Consumption
h.Motor Current
i.Braking Current
j.Braking Deceleration
2.Locomotive Hauled Train a.Locomotive
3.Motive Unit a.Train with motive unit
b.Locomotive with motive unit
4.Coupled Train 5.Extract built-in train data
IV.Train Data(Numerical Input) 1.Whole Train a.Composition
b.Numerical Input
c.Running Resistance
2.Motive Unit

V.Hybrid and Battery

1.Hybrid Train 2.Battery Train


3.Generator Operation 4.Change Battery Usage
VI.Performance Curve
VII.Track Profile 1.Yellow Signal Speed
VIII.Curve Speed Limit
IX.Grade Speed Limit

X.Imaginary Trains and Routes

1.Imaginary Train 2.Imaginary Route


1.Export Current Settings 2.Import Setting


3.Font Size 4.Default Folder


5.Dialog Font Size 6.Graph Color


7.Initialize Appearance 8.Expert Mode

XII.Convert Old Data

1.Trains 2.Track Profile
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